Exploration. Reinvention. Empowerment.
Dr. Dick Haid is a certified AdultMentor The time had come for a change in my life and while change can be frightening, it can also offer discovery. It CAN be an exciting time for you.


To respect the privacy and confidentiality of clientele, names will not be issued with testimonials.

"The course drew many things together for me and I enjoyed the spontaneity."

"You helped me put the pieces of my third quarter together. Thanks."

"I am not too old to dream and develop my dreams."

"I will worry less about the future and enjoy it more, now that I know about new possibilities for myself."

"I am a more valuable person as a result of the experience."

"I opened my concept of celebration and found new ways to celebrate."

"You help me get out of my box. You really care about me."

"I recommend to my friends that they seek this same type of coaching."

"I found a new life style and have been able to reconnect with a lot of people including with my children."

"I've also discovered that I enjoy helping others."