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In addition to his coaching, Dick Haid is a member of the Ohio and National Speakers Associations. He has prepared formal presentations for the following organizations:

  • National Positive Aging Conference
  • The International Career Development Conference
  • International Coach Federation Conference
  • California Career Conference
  • Texas Independent Insurance Agents
  • Family Firm Institute
  • World Future Society
  • Imago
  • Chautauqua Institution
  • Oakwood Spiritual Life Center
  • CPA-sponsored seminars for clients and many Rotary clubs.
  • Newark, Delaware Senior Center
  • United Theological Seminary
  • Positive Aging Conference
  • National (Joint) Aging Conferences

The following modules are exceptionally malleable to accomodate a variety of presentation lengths. Attractive colored overheads are used with well-developed handouts:

Tap into the Abundance and Opportunities that the Third Quarter of Life has to Offer!

The Third Quarter of Life can be the time of greatest fulfillment and highest engagement with the world. But many people miss it because they have no models to enter the Third Quarter as they try to hold on to middle patterns and go into the Fourth Quarter. For all persons in midlife and later.

Exploring Protirement

Protirement is life-oriented rather than work-oriented. In protirement we move into the future, building a new chapter of life by design, with energy and passion. Participants will start to make protirement plans for their lives. For all persons who want to explore what they want to be and do for the rest of their lives.

The Joy of New Learning and More Fulfillment In the Third Quarter of Life

Active learning can help open the door to and extend your Third Quarter of Life. Learning can be fun and connecting! It's amazing what's out there waiting for you to discover and be energized.

Approaches to new learning are almost unlimited, limited only by your own lack of imagination and ingenuity. It is helpful to share and review your learning with others to enhance it. To whom and how can you pass on your knowledge and wisdom? Who most needs it? You may also impress your grandchildren with your new learning.

Abundance and Opportunity: Harvesting the Past and Planting for the Future

If things get better with age, then many of us have the possibility of being magnificent now! This workshop helps participants start to think about how they are legendary in their own unique ways and what their legacies may be. Finishes with participants enriching their lives now by writing their "Messages from the Heart" which convey their hopes for future generations. For all persons midlife and later.

There Is Life After Family Business

The presentation uses the latest research about how business owners step down and out from their business as well as "The Haid Transitionscope," which is a graphic of the complex interactions that occur. But there is a good possibility of new life and the "New Rules for Life After Family Business" will serve as a guide. For business owners, spouses, and family members.

Renew Your Life and Renew Your Business

Business owners have life cycles and businesses have life cycles. Using "The Business/Owner Fulfillment Grid," participants will assess where they are in their relationships with their businesses and what action steps will be helpful in finding more fulfillment in the future. For business owners, spouses, and others in business. A demo video is available.

How to Become a Successful Elder and a Sage

When you learn how to recognize all of your gifts and identify them, you will more thoroughly enjoy this stage of life. As a sage, you will learn how to use your accumulated wisdom to help many people. This workshop will help you get started and you will realize that you are much more than you ever imagined. For all persons midlife or later.

How to Create More Celebration & Sense of Abundance in Your Life

This workshop can help persons create more freedom to celebrate their lives and identify more occasions for celebration. Celebration can result in a greater sense of gratitude, and thus abundance and this can lead to giving more of ourselves and gifts. We can learn much from each other as we share our ideas and experiences and Dick’s special resources.