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Professional Adult Mentoring is on ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling result in their professional and personal lives. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and, most importantly, enhance the quality of their lives. In the process clients design new life maps that offer many more options and that use more of their creativity.

Many persons may do a lot of “thinking” but the use of assessments, many of which Dr. Haid has created, helping them “open” their lives and give information to help them consider expanding their lives. Clients are doing the assessments for themselves, not having it “done to them.” In addition to initial assessment, there will be periodic assessment during the continuing mentoring including the preparation for each meeting.

Much mentoring is on the phone so there are no geographic limits. Often a business or a professional can be a lonely business, especially when making changes or leaving the business. Clients mention that it is very helpful to have a mentor “walk alongside”. It is helpful for them to know that Dr. Haid has also made a major transition in his “Protirement.”

Spouses, partners, or support friends are encouraged to also be involved in the assessment and some clients are for a longer period because they discover they are finding even more abundance.

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