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A Workshop for Alumni Societies, Reunions, or Special Group Gatherings

The workshop was held for a reunion of Denison University Alumni in Granville, OH.

The Denison University Workshop was a wonderful success - testimonials from attendees included comments such as:

"Found this workshop very interesting"
"Excellent workshop. Thank you"
"Very worthwhile seminar"
"This program is excellent"
"Workshop was thought-provoking"

Some of the inspiration for this workshop came from a recent presentation at the Aging Conference Marc Freedman, President of Civic Ventures spoke on "The End of Retirement: The Rise of the Boomers and the Reinvention of Work."

Civic Ventures is a non-profit group which works to expand the leadership contributions of senior volunteers for society.

Marc said that new resources are needed to help persons thinking about retirement to find greater balance, enhanced purpose and enhanced meaning in greater service to others through work and volunteer activities. Marc ended his presentation for a packed room by saying,

"It is higher education that should be providing workshops and support."

He then continued by saying that if you looked at many programs offered to alumni societies, they were about "trips to Italy," etc. Dick Haid was near the front and in the question and answer part of the program that he would be leading such a workshop for Denison Alumni and the cheer went up from the room.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  1. Know about the concept of the Third Quarter of Life.
  2. Learn about strategies to help persons find the abundance of their Third Quarter and extend this abundance into their later year and start to make initial plans for more abundance.

Recommendation: Create a resume for life as you do later-life assessment. This assessment is most important for later life persons, in finding more abundance in the Third Quarter of Life and extending this abundance into later life. The Third Quarter of Life concept offers new possibility for more abundance. The Third Quarter of Life Card Sorts are very helpful in assessing your life.