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Alumni Maintain Peer
Relationship for a Lifetime

UI & U doctoral committee peers rarely leave that relationship behind once diplomas are in hand. For example, Larry Grunden, Ph.D 1997 and Richard L. Haid, Ph.D 1994, who served on Grunden’s committee, have collaborated professionally several times, most recently as mentors/adjunct faculty for a doctor of ministry focus group at the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio.

Both Grunden, who specializes in spiritual development and/or ministry, and Haid, who mentors adults seeking more from their “third quarter life,” are certified Hudson Institute coaches who studied at the Santa Barbara, California-based program under founder Frederic Hudson, who served on Haid’s doctoral committee. Both used the Hudson coaching Model in their respective doctoral research, and the learning model for their seminary course, “Spirituality and Leadership in Congregational ministry,” is based upon and enriched by their UI & U learning experiences.

Haid and Grunden found themselves drawing on other UI & U linkages to inform their teaching project. In April, the class members came together in a retreat at the Gethsemani Abbey in Bardstown, Kentucky, familiar to many Union doctoral learners, Grunden included, who attend the seminars convened there by Graduate College core faculty barry Heermann, Ph.D The group at Gethsemani also made use of the videos on research featuring Graduate College core faculty Michael Patton, Ph.D., which were sponsored and recently reissued by the Graduate College Learner Council.

“We also used the self-directed model of learning that Larry and I learned well from our Union experience,” says Haid. “It’s wonderful how friendships made while learning and serving on doctoral committees at Union can grow into lifelong professional collaborations.”

-Mary Beth Orth
Network Magazine