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Dr. Richard Haid Dick Haid is a certified professional adult mentor. He assists individual exploration of the third quarter of life and avidly promotes protirement.

Coaching Boomers & Beyond: Thriving Forward

A Coaching Salon to Help You Better Coach This High Potential Group Presented
by Richard L. Haid, Ph.D., PCC, Adult Mentor

Problems and opportunities exist with this special group to help them open their lives, hear more of their music, and Thrive Forward. They want to “Engage the World on Their Terms” and you can coach them!

Studies show that many Boomers will want to (and others will need to) work past conventional retirement. So how can you coach them to keep working and still keep engaging their “Boomer Dreams” for the rest of their lives?

You will learn about and use special assessments— including the Third Quarter of Life Card Sorts—and each participant will receive a special notebook of materials to use with Boomer and Beyond clients.

March 8, 1:30-4:00 p.m. Afterwards come to the Central Ohio Coaches Monthly Program in the next block at Franklin University.

Columbus Main Public Library, 96 South Grant Street, Library Board Room, Just down the street from Franklin University. Affordable Library Parking Garage is available.

Fee & Details:
$30 Pre-registration required, Use Pay Pal on Central Ohio Coaches Website to register (or click below). Limited to 20 persons, so Register Soon.

2.5 Hours Core Competencies